Loose Screws is Back

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Loose Screws is Back

If you need small parts, Loose Screws guys were (and I assume will continue to be) the best! Here’s the part of the email I got from them. It’s totally a free plug for them. I wish them the best!

Thank you for your support and patience waiting for Loose Screws to reopen. We are now based in Irvine, CA.

1. There is no longer a minimum order amount. We got a bit more automated and its easier for us to process orders now. Buy that small part you need and enjoy!
2. Shipping has been simplified. A low rate for U.S. orders up to $74.99. Hit $75 and shipping is free!
3. The sorting of the products has been geared towards more common/popular products. This helps in search mode as well.
4. We now have a blog, our Loose Screws Helpful Blog takes all of the experience we have built up over the years, and puts it out there, for all to see. See www.loosescrews.com/blog

Again, we’re very excited to be back and serving those who love to commute and tour by bicycle. Of course, we also greatly admire our racing oriented customers. Keep pushing!

Questions? Shoot an email to inquiry@loosescrews.com. We’re always happy to help with tech and setup questions.

-Steven Arlint
Presiding Mr. Loose Screws
Loose Screws Bicycle Small Parts

4 Responses

  1. William says:

    Thanks for sharing about Loose Screws. But the link you provided in the post not working on my side. Can you please mention the exact source?

  2. PCM says:

    Corrected. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good post.

  4. Hey guys, you're moved in this city in the perfect time, I need to say 😀 I've moved here too a few weeks ago, and your service is exactly what I need right now! Me actually had many issues with moving here, but at least all of my stuff was quite fine because I let to these Irvine movers https://movers.best/orange-county/irvine-movers/ and they did all the work in a perfect way! By there is still a lots of work needed to do with the home improvement, but I never had right toolkits recently. So, do you have a physical store or something? Cause I think need some sort of advice..

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